Edging Crochet Pattern

Before my granddaughter was born, so many people told me what a great experience it would be and that I would love it. I was told that you get to have all the fun without all the work. Well….they were right! It is wonderful, I absolutely adore my granddaughter! Watching my daughter and my son-in-law become parents has been pure joy! When my daughter was four months along, she had an ultrasound and announced it was a girl! I started planning and shopping immediately. Girls mean pink, lace, bows, polka dots and ruffles!

I couldn’t wait to start on this blanket for her.

#Baby #Blanket #Crochet Edging Pattern - This is a really simple #crochet stitch that looks elegant and beautiful! Tested by one of the 3 crazy sisters at MadeFromPinterest.net

I fell in love with this polka dot blanket and wanted it to have a fun girly ruffled edge. My search on Pinterest led me to this pin  from Miss Abigail’s Hope Chest. I chose this stitch because it was different from the typical scallop stitch that you see on most baby blankets. Miss Abigail gives an excellent step by step tutorial using a dishcloth, she places her holes every 3/8 of an inch which causes her edging to lay perfectly flat.


The key to getting a nice full ruffle is the amount spacing you put between the holes on your blanket. I’m lucky enough to have a friend who has a machine that makes the holes for you. Miss Abigail shows you how to make the holes yourself, so if you don’t have a machine, no worries!  If you look at the pictures closely you will see that the holes in my blanket are very close together.


With the holes so close together I knew my edging would ruffle I just wasn’t sure how full it would be. I started to crochet the stitch and kept my fingers crossed.

I was thrilled with the results, a beautiful, fun, full, girly ruffled edging! I used a bamboo thread because it is soft and holds up really well even after washing. I needed 1.5 balls of thread for the whole blanket. My crochet hook was a tatting hook size 14. This is a very TINY hook, it took me a while to adjust to it. Once I adjusted to the smaller hook the stitch was very easy to do. It took me about 3 hours to get my blanket completed. If you want less of a ruffle, space your holes farther apart. For edging that will lay flat put 3/8 inch between your holes. The end result is totally up to you.

This Pin Rocks!

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