Debbie (The Oldest): Raised in Southern California, we are three fifty-something sisters and we are addicted to Pinterest!

Tracy (The Middle Child):  And we came up with this great idea for a blog…

Sherri (The Baby of the Family):  Excuse me.

Debbie: What?

Sherri:  I am NOT fifty-something. In fact, I would like it to be known that I am much closer to 40 than I am to FIFTY!

Tracy:  Sherri, it’s okay.  The point really is how much we enjoy Pinterest.

Debbie:  Yes, let’s stay on topic and let these folks know about what our blog is all about.   Because of our interest with Pinterest,

Tracy:  {{groan}}

Debbie:  we thought it would be fun to start a blog where we made things from Pinterest and share our results with you!

Sherri:  Well I just think that people would want to know that I am the youngest sister.  The social sister.  The fun sister.  The FUNNEST sister.

Tracy: Here she goes again.  We do all the work and she slides in at the last minute wanting all the attention…haha

Debbie:  Um, I would say that all three of us are pretty dang fun!  Do you remember when we toilet papered the hall of a hotel?

Tracy:  Oh my gosh!  And do you remember when that man opened the door when we were toilet papering his doorknob?

Sherri:  I don’t remember that.

Tracy:  Oh yeah.  That’s because I think you were like, only FIVE!

Sherri:  See?  I AM the youngest one!

Debbie:  Alright.  Let’s focus here.  We will be making things that we pin on Pinterest and then letting you know whether it turned out like the original post.

Tracy:  Debbie is already pretty crafty and capable so some pins will be easier for her.  I am not quite as creative so if you want a realistic view from someone who is a little more awkward, check out my posts!

Sherri:  And watch for me for some fun stuff!

Debbie:  So we hope that you enjoy our blog and share in our successes and belly flops!

Tracy:  Yes, come back and see us often!

Sherri:  This is going to be so much fun! We are going to Par-Tay! This blog is going to ROCK!

Debbie and Tracy:  {{sigh}}

From left to right, Sherri, Debbie and Tracy