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SLS Free Toothpaste

SLS-free toothpaste. What is SLS and why do I want a natural toothpaste? SLS stands for ‘Sodium Lauryl Sulfate,’ which is a detergent that breaks surface tension and separates molecules in order to allow better interaction between the product and your teeth. Since being diagnosed with hypothyroidism and MTHFR, I have started down the path of switching out my store bought […]

I have a new way to enjoy classic Rice Krispie treats! These cannot be described as simple, they are outrageously, wickedly decadent. The extra effort required to make them is worth it, sharing them with everyone you know will earn you the title "Culinary Goddess"!

Roasted Rice Krispie Treats

Making my Roasted Rice Krispie Treats will earn you the title of Culinary Goddess! Truth is, I am a simple girl. I like simple things. Rice Krispie treats reign as one of my all time favorite simple treats. I’ve been seen eating them for breakfast. The main ingredient is cereal so why not? I’ve also been […]

Moist Lemon Cake - If you love lemon this cake is for you! The cake is light and fluffy, topped with a sweet, tangly lemon glaze and whip cream. Pure lemon heaven!

Moist Lemon Cake Recipe

I have a very sweet daughter who doesn’t like cake, hard to believe. I gave up trying to find a cake recipe that would change her mind, about a year ago I made this Moist Lemon Cake Recipe. She walked in the kitchen and asked “what is this”? Before I could answer she grabbed a fork […]

Chicken Potato Chowder - This is comfort food at it's best! Fresh vegetables and chicken surrounded in a creamy, cheesy chicken broth. It's quick and easy to make, a perfect dinner on a busy night!

Chicken Potato Chowder

Today’s post is all about Chicken Potato Chowder, graduating from high school, life in college and mom’s home cooking. In two short months we will be sending our daughter (the 4th out of our 5 children) off to college. Senioritis, trust me it’s a real word and very real condition, and it began before she […]

Italian Sausage Soup Recipe - Chock-full of spinach, sausage and potatoes, this hearty soup is delicious and quick to make. You may want to make a double batch, it freezes up perfectly!

Italian Sausage Soup

Even though spring is officially here, there is still a chill in the air which makes it a perfect time to make this Italian Sausage Soup!    Right now I am packing to fly to Virginia to see my sister Sherri.  Debbie is going to meet us there and then we will be off to […]

Gift Box Candy - Make your own gift boxes, cards, envelopes, bows and banners with We R Memory Keepers 1-2-3 Punch Board. My 17 year old daughter LOVED making gift boxes with matching cards/envelopes, filling the boxes with candy and delivering to her friends! Each project is quick and easy to make, every item can be customized. 1-2-3 Punch Boards are a blast to work with and SAVE MONEY!

Gift Box Candy

This is a sponsored post is provided by HSN and We R Memory Keepers. All opinions are 100% mine. Making a customized gift box and filling it with candy is quick, easy and so much fun! Adding a matching gift card with a special note is the perfect way to brighten someone’s day.  My 17 year-old […]

Homemade Shaving Cream - This natural exfoliating shaving cream removes dead skin cells and softens the hair on your legs giving you a closer shave. It is quick, easy and inexpensive to make, you will never go back to OTC shaving cream again!

How to Shave Your Legs

How to shave your legs….seriously? Yes!  It takes more than a razor, soap (NEVER use soap to shave your legs!) and some water to get smooth silky legs! If you use my homemade shaving cream along with the tips I’ve listed below, you will have beautiful soft legs without needing to shaving as often. Exfoliating your Skin Twice a Week and Before […]

Chocolate Heart Cups - These are the perfect gift for chocolate lovers! They are a quick and easy dessert any foodie will love! You can fill them with candy, mousse, or even a small gift.

Chocolate Heart Cups

These candy filled Chocolate Heart Cups are my idea of a perfect Valentine’s Day gift! My inspiration came from this Chocolate Fruit Filled Cup  from Tammy and Lyssie Lakatos at The Nutrition Twins. I loved their idea of filling the chocolate cups with strawberries, but I couldn’t resist filling my chocolate cups with Valentine M&M’s! Valentine’s Day is […]

Sprinkle Rimmed Glass - This is such a quick and easy Valentine idea! Add some pizzaz to any Valentines Day food gift by adding red and white sprinkles to the rim of any beverage glass!

Sprinkle Rimmed Glass

Hello! I’m Ashley from Simply Designing and I am so excited to be here today guest posting on Made From Pinterest! I have actually known Tracy for many years and just love how creative she and her sisters are! Today I am sharing a fun little tutorial that is perfect for Valentine’s Day! I love […]

Valentine's Day Treat Bag - This fun DIY craft is a quick and easy project that you can enjoy making with your kids. Put a little bling in your Valentine's Day with cute gold sequin hearts.

Stitched Valentine Treat Bags

Hello everyone! This is Dawn from Not Just A Mommy and I am so honored to be here and share these Stitched Valentine Treat Bags for the  Love Potion #9 series. I like to throw parties,  I like to craft,  I like to go fun places, and that’s what I blog about!I am a huge […]