Made From Pinterest Love Potion #9 Series - I love this free Valentine Day Printable Kiki and Company created for us! It's the perfect Valentine decor for a fireplace mantle , wall ore desk.

Free Valentine Day Printable

"You Have My Heart" Free Printable - Create your own Valentine's Day cards with this fun free printable. Your kids will love using heart bracelets and washi tape to make this cute craft.

“You Have My Heart” Free Printable

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Cupid’s Arrow Love Letters

Your little girls are going to love wearing these cute kitten ear barrettes. They are so easy to make!

Kitten Ear Barrettes

Valentine's Day Idea -Glitter & Stripes Craft - Add some bling to your Valentine's Day decor with this quick and easy glitter and stripes Love wall decor. Add a red banner, Cupid's arrow and heart pillows to complete the look!

Valentines Glitter and Stripes Wall Art


Heart Candle Holder

Arrow Through Heart - Celebrate Valentine's Day this year with these romantic feather Cupid's arrows. They are a quick and easy Valentine's day project!

Arrow Through Heart

Valentines Banner - Give your mantle a fun romantic look with this adorable Valentine's Day Banner craft. This is such a fun DIY project for Valentine's Day!

Valentines Day Banner


DIY Embroidery Hoop Orb

Stitched Heart Garland - Make this darling Valentine's Day Garland, it's a quick and easy DIY project made with felt and baker's twine. You will the the sweet romantic look!

Stitched Heart Garland

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XOXO Valentine’s Day Decorations

xoxo garland

DIY Rustic XOXO Garland


Valentine’s Day Votive


Sock Snowman


Homemade Frozen Slime


Fringed Paper Flowers


Simple Snowmen Rings

Mason Jar Ring Ornament - Making this rustic Mason Jar ring ornament is a quick and easy Christmas project. They look lovely on a tree, or used to adorn wrapped gifts!

Mason Jar Ring Ornament

Christmas Snow Globes - Make a charming Christmas snow globe in no time with a few craft supplies. They will bring the magic of Christmas wherever you display them!

Christmas Snow Globes

DIY Sparkle Snow - This quick and easy recipe makes the lighest, fluffiest sparkle snow. It easily compacts to make snowballs and snowmen!

DIY Sparkle Snow